097 - Repurpose, Reach, and Resonate: Insights from Pooja Arshanapally
All Things AuthorpreneurJune 18, 2024
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097 - Repurpose, Reach, and Resonate: Insights from Pooja Arshanapally

Episode Summary

Pooja shares her journey of becoming a content repurposing expert and how her innovative strategies are revolutionizing the way authors connect with their audiences. With her warm and engaging personality, Pooja delves into practical tips on how to effectively repurpose book content into blogs, podcasts, social media posts, and more, ensuring that every author's message resonates far and wide.



Pooja Arshanpally | The Content Repurposer




In this episode you will learn:

  • Pooja’s beginnings, the story behind the journey of being a content repurposing expert.
  • How content repurposing works and the benefits that comes along with it.
  • Pooja’s AHA moment that pushed here to where she is now.



Perfectly I'Mperfect: Remarkable Stories of Ordinary Women overcoming Extraordinary Circumstances


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3 Ways to Repurpose Your Book Into Social Media Content


Recommendation for Every Entrepreneur

Never give up and have patience.


Favorite Book

Key Person of Influence: The Five-Step Method to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry by Daniel Priestley


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